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#1 i'm the bald guy 3,251,502
#2 We're so honored that the first ever YouTube video was filmed here! 2,377,921
#3 LET HIM GO 2,110,288
#4 Isse ab yahi khatam karte hai mera hogye.
Is vakt jo mujhe pyaar mila hai voh mein kabhi nhi bhulunga iske liye shukriya shabd bohot chota hai ❤️
Apan nhi rukenge, ab agle video ki tayari shuru 😈
#5 I really didn’t! 1,809,707
#6 I dont get it, what am I supposed to do exactly? 1,718,736
#7 This song was inspired by many things that have happened in my life since releasing my last album. I want people to feel hope and to know you will come out the other side stronger and a better version of yourself. 1,288,238
#8 There's a reason this has over 600M views... 1,013,240
#10 Eminem raps faster than my internet connection 864,044
#11 This isn't your first time here
And you know it.
#12 Lil Dicky: We love the Earth
National Geographic: Same though 🙌🌍
#13 How many of my friends did you find in the video?? 👀🧐 838,708
#14 1 BILLION views for Never Gonna Give You Up!  Amazing, crazy, wonderful! Rick ♥️ 835,227
#15 How every teacher talks when you’re taking notes 741,646
#16 Fake, I would have asked if he wanted to do double or nothing with that Tesla for a private jet! 695,440
#17 Pewdiepies first subscriber must feel like the king of the world 694,572
#18 I feel like I missed 2 seasons from Old Town Road 690,461
#19 Chirimbolo... 680,276
#20 I'm happy that my parents don't know english 669,596
#21 1,000,000,000 ✅ 652,304
#22 thank you so much for the support and nice comments! i guess i did the music too well, since it instantly got copyright claimed for using billie eilish's song. oh well 636,878
#23 YOOOOOOOOOOO 620,388
#24 Dislikes are kids who thought they were getting free vbucks 586,685
#25 Youtube is like that one teacher who tries to act cool but fails miserably. 581,186
#26 Papa Mochi so proud right now 💜 574,342
#27 Watch us on RELEASED for never before seen footage before our new music video drops. Set a reminder → yt.be/releasedblackpink 570,475
#28 This is the internet’s theme song can we all agree 568,608
#29 Bei 500.001 likes auf diesen Kommentar tätowier ich mir monopoly-unge aufn po 564,447
#30 Put closed captions on what ever language you can read and it will tell you the age and events that happened in his life 562,674
#31 Happy you approve Roger ! 549,019
#32 Gonna flag this for nudity so I can rick roll the YouTube staff 545,305
#33 why is this getting views it's been six years
anyways y'all better SUBSCRIBE
#34 I’m the Asian in the video 😂
Edit: A lot of people are hating and leaving very hurtful comments on Sky's Tik Tok. I ask that people don't go and personally attack her or go to her Tik Tok just to leave rude comments. The video was made as a joke and should stay that way. Thanks!
#35 listen bitch my lisp is endearing stop bullying me 515,098
#36 Thank you to everyone who watched the premiere!!! <3 506,877
#37 I was so excited to release two songs back to back and surprise my fans! It’s a reminder that you can rise no matter what challenges life brings. 500,372
#38 thanks to wifey for editing this so epicly 493,383
#39 Huge props to the set designers, everything was spot on! 432,834
#40 The title of this video won't be exactly right
Title of this video: Exactly right
#41 You can't kill a man who's already dead inside. 423,209
#42 Ok let’s be honest here
Rick rolling is the one meme that will never die
#43 Get shaving 366,231
#44 Subscribe or I’ll punch you 191,683
#45 poopy droppy dcfjkszghfshgf x 175,834
#46 Ya bu video da kurguysa? 81,546
#47 lol:P 74,168
#48 After getting rickrolled many times, I started to like the song. 3,865
#49 This song isn't just a song, it's a direct punch to haters on their mouths. It will forever be legendary. 3,664
#50 Engine analysis report for white:

0 mistakes
0 blunders
24 missed wins
#51 Rick Astley looks like a teenager but with a deep voice. 2,029
#52 The eval bar is getting lot's of exercise and movement these days. 1,641
#53 The eval bar would be getting lot's exercise while analyzing the game. 1,404
#54 Can we agree he makes the most interesting and amusing videos! 38
#55 bro u've got a leak watch out 8